About Us

Our Peppers are full of possibilities

It all started with an experiment gone wrong...

While attempting to capture a chili pepper's essence in an aromatic vapor-cloud, founder George Altshuler accidentaly filled his lab with a noxious pepper spray.

A trickiest transmutation

Choking in failure, George resolved to fight back and tame the flame of the world's hottest peppers, turning their hazardous heat into a tasty treat.

The next two years

George sliced, diced, dried, fermented, aged, froze, distilled, smoked, and grilled thousands of peppers, searching for a way to disarm the most feared fruit.

New discoveries

In his quest, George devised numerous pepper processes that revealed a wonderful world of complex and delicious flavors otherwise hidden behind intolerable heat.

Sharing the magic

Eager to share his delicious discoveries, George recruited friends to join him in creating Alchemy Peppers - a company dedicated to using their pepper expertise to raise the bar for spicy snacks and sauces.

Now, Alchemy Peppers and our all-star team of Pepper Alchemists create innovative, natural, boundary-shattering, pepper-based foods for flavor-loving communities to share and enjoy.

Join us! Become a Pepper Alchemist today and indulge in a more flavorful future.