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Vinegar Not Included: Our Flavor-First Hot Sauce Philosophy

Vinegar Not Included: Our Flavor-First Hot Sauce Philosophy

Dive into the hot sauce aisle, and what do you see? A parade of hot sauce brands, each shouting about its distinctiveness and "flavor first" philosophy. Yet, peek behind their flashy facades, and it's a different story: monotonous blends of Fermented Chili Peppers, Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Sugar, Water, and Xanthum Gum—the standard recipe for a forgettable sauce.

In our commitment to uniqueness, we’ve tossed out this conventional blueprint, downgrading vinegar and fermentation from necessary hot sauce staples to complete nonessentials. If it doesn’t benefit the flavor of the sauce, we simply won’t add it. 

We’ve found that thoughtless fermentation and conventional addition of vinegar can often deprive a sauce of its naturally fresh and vibrant flavors. As a result, we’ve sworn off both vinegar and pepper “mashes” (mass-produced, fermented pepper purees) as staple ingredients in our sauces. Instead, we favor other naturally acidifying ingredients that impart less flavor, letting our bright and unique flavor combinations truly come to life.

We don’t believe anyone should ever blindly follow life’s “shoulds,” but instead follow the path that resonates best with their personal values, circumstances, and bigger dreams. For some, that means studying a less “in-demand” but more personally gratifying academic discipline. For others, it means giving up the prestige of a higher-paying job to pursue a career they're truly passionate about. For us, it means no vinegar in our hot sauces. 

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